4 Tips For New Bikers

I’m constantly being asked for some advice and tips for new bikers, so my goal in this post is to summarize what I tell every new person who asks me that.

Without further ado, here are 4 tips for every new biker:

1. Always choose a beast you can handle. Starting from the ground up, in order to be a biker, ones needs to purchase a motorcycle. You ain’t getting into a biker club if you ride a moped. That’s a fact! Whether you’re looking for a sports bike or a cruiser, you must consider your own weight and strength.

For example: a two hundred pound wrestler might buy a big old cruiser knowing that he’d have no issue handling the beast… On the flip-side, a hundred forty pound female motorcycle enthusiast will most likely get one of the smaller, lighter Harley’s that she can pick up in case it falls over. Which brings me to point number two…

2. Dress NOT to impress. Biker clothing isn’t made to look cool, but to protect the rider in case their situation gets outta control, therefore, you must foresee every unpredictable situation and dress ready for the worst.

It might not sound very encouraging, but that’s just the way the story goes. Be sure to choose the gear, that will protect your head, lims and other body parts. Remember that after the first major accident or fall, you, as a rider will end up buying all brand new gear.

3. Anticipate and avoid rainy days. It might be obvious, yet very important. Rain can be the enemy when you’re riding. I highly recommend checking the weather forecast for the week and the day you are planning to ride.

There were times when I’ve cancelled events just because of the bad weather. It’s crazy how much impact weather conditions can have on your day out cruisin. The best place to check the weather, at least from my point of view, is the local newspaper or news website. They have a much more accurate forecast because they’re local in comparison to global weather sites like www.weather.com and others.

4. Protect the melon. This might seem obvious to you and I understand why, yet, I feel obligated to include this into my the top 4 tips because it’s one of the most important aspects of safe riding. Seriously!

I see far too many people on daily basis riding without a helmet on. If there’s one piece of gear that will save your life, it’s definitely the helmet or as we like to call it, the skull cap. When it comes to the style and type you prefer, in my opinion it doesn’t matter all that much as long as you’re wearing something to protect that melon! I understand that it might sound a bit repetitive, but if after reading this you decide to put a skull cap on and it saves your life just once, then it’s totally worth it!

I hope that you have found these tips useful. I have only wrote down the most important ones. If you’re gonna ride and need more information, make sure to do plenty of research, concentrate on safety and feel free to ask me as well.

Thank you for reading.