Being A Biker

My favorite thing about being a biker is probably the experiences you have unlike any other.

You don’t understand how close one group of people can grow until you’re in a biker club. You do everything together. I know this sounds typical, but they literally become your ride or dies.

I remember when I got my first bike about thirteen years ago. It was a Harley Davidson bike and I had gone out with a few of my friends and ended up buying the bike. About a month after I got my first bike, I found a local bike club while out riding. They were at a local bar and I walked in and began to talk to them about bikes. I told them this was my first bike and I was kind of new to the “biking scene.”

They welcomed me into their circle and we began to hang out more and more. They eventually took me to their local hangout where they would all meet up on Thursday nights. I was confused as to why they had invited me into their close knit group so fast and they told me I just stood out to them and they felt I would be a good fit. I noticed how each member of the group was always there for one another when something came up and supported them fully. I had never had a group of friends who understood and supported one another so dedicatedly.

These guys took care of one another and I felt like I was truly apart of something bigger than me. I integrated into their group and introduced some of my old friends to my new friends. They clicked right away and the bike guys started to invite them to our outings and meetings together. We all became a big group. It felt like a little family. I learned more and more about bikes everyday, I knew the different brands and the types of bikes as well as what to look for in a good quality bike. The guys taught me everything I know about bikes today. It was by chance that I found these guys but I could not be happier that I did. We all began meeting more and more and our club grew from a close knit group of ten to about fifty new members. We rented a local office in one of the community buildings and began to hang out there. We brought beer, movies, video games, and board games to keep in our room at the building.

We weren’t a serious group, more just a group of guys with things in common that wants to have fun. I stayed a part of our group for about nine more years to come. I helped bring in tons of new members, new bikers deserving to be a part of something as great as what I had experienced. We formed a brotherhood. I am so glad I got to be a part of such a close knit group of guys and I wouldn’t change that experience for anything. Being a biker is truly an experience and I would recommend joining a club to truly get the best experience possible.