Cruiser vs Crotch Rocket

I’ll start off by saying that I’m a cruiser guy all day, but the reason I’m writing this is because my son in law bought a sports bike and we had a long conversation about which one is best and why… All while having wine and steaks out back…

I’ve summarized, if you can call it that, so please see below for my 5 cents on each one. Enjoy!

Benefits of a cruiser:

I will start off with the cruiser type, because it’s my personal preference.

I’ve owned a Harley cruiser for most of my adult life. It was never my only form of transportation, since I also an old Toyota 4X4.

The Harley I own is extremely comfortable to ride and is perfect for cross country trips. Throughout my lifetime, I’ve done 17 different trips across the US and my Harley never let me down. I can’t say the same about a Volvo we had… It broke 3 times in 3 years, and then we sold it! Crazy, right?! Continue reading Cruiser vs Crotch Rocket

Being A Biker

My favorite thing about being a biker is probably the experiences you have unlike any other.

You don’t understand how close one group of people can grow until you’re in a biker club. You do everything together. I know this sounds typical, but they literally become your ride or dies.

I remember when I got my first bike about thirteen years ago. It was a Harley Davidson bike and I had gone out with a few of my friends and ended up buying the bike. About a month after I got my first bike, I found a local bike club while out riding. They were at a local bar and I walked in and began to talk to them about bikes. I told them this was my first bike and I was kind of new to the “biking scene.” Continue reading Being A Biker