Freddy’s driving over

An old friend of mine Freddy, is coming over all the way from Arkansas. He was in the club as well, but left not too long before I did.

We’ve been talking about him visiting for 3 years now and finally he decided to come after hiring a manager for his tree service company. Soon after he left SCRC, he started the business and apparently has been successful enough to hire a manager. It’s been 7 years since we’ve seen each other, mostly because all of those years he’s been grinding non stop to make the company what it is now, a success.

Honestly, and I hope that Fred doesn’t read this, but I do look up to him. It has nothing to do with the fact that he’s 7 years older than me, but with his dedication to achieving success. Even though we didn’t see each other for so long, doesn’t mean that we didn’t call and check in every once in a while. We did!

I remember him talking about sleep deprivation and headaches, while he had to stay up countless nights while doing accounting work for the business in order to save some money, which he then reinvested back into new equipment and machinery. I do appreciate the hustle and Freddy is overflowing with it.

He’s also very humble, even though his biz is blooming! You won’t hear him talking about leaving his 15 year career in the military to start his own thing. He was fed up with the way he was treated and how he was so dependent on someone else to provide him and his family with food and lodging. He always craved being independent and wanted to create his own life, rather than borrowing it from someone else until he becomes useless and gets fired.

He was one of the main reasons why I quit my old job, found something that I loved doing as well as starting this blog, which was fairly recent.

The only advice and guidance he ever gave me was: “Ben, you can do anything, just go for it!” He also told me that this is how he got to where he wanted to be. By just doing what he felt was right and never backing down.

In reality, Freddy was and is like a big brother to me. The time we’ve spent together at the club was the real bonding experience. No games, just plain manliness.

So, in conclusion, if any of my friends here know Freddy, please give him a shout out for being the man that he is and may god bless his soul!