My Daughter’s New Patio

Hey folks, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything, so here’s an update…

By the way… This post talks a Virginia Beach concrete contractor who’s a veteran. He does great work at fair prices. Feel free to follow the link to his web page.

So… The story goes…

My wife and I have been travelling the states, visiting family here and there. Stayed with my daughter for a couple of weeks in Virginia. All in all it was a lot of fun.

I gotta say… It’s been a long time since we’ve taken a trip outside of our back yard. We’ve had tons of experiences both good and bad, but after all… It’s memories we live for, right?

So, why did I title this post after my daughter’s new patio? Silly right?

Well, like I said, we’ve been staying in Virginia Beach with her and her small (for now) family. They moved into a new home a couple of months back and the backyard was left in terrible shape after all the recent storms they had up on the East Coast. We love to spend time outside and just couldn’t stand the fact that there was absolutely no space to hang out in the back yard.

As a thank you for letting us stay at her home and as a house warming gift, my wife and I decided to gift her a patio.

We called around and booked a couple of estimates! I gotta tell ya… Soo many veteran owned businesses in the area, it’s insane. Every other business owner has served in the military.


We ended up hiring Mark. You can follow the link to his website at the beginning of this post… He has done a marvelous job for Clare at her new home.

My wife and I have also gifted them brand new patio furniture, to warm that new patio. Clare is now thinking about getting an outdoor kitchen set up and we told her that if she gets us a second grandchild, the kitchen is going to be our gift to her.

My neighbor will be getting a brand new Honda V200 here in a few days. I’ll try to ride it and write a review.

Stay tuned for it.