Recent Run In With The Law

Yeah, yeah I know. It’s one thing being a biker and a totally different thing being in a biker gang, but that’s not what I’m talking about here.

My wife and I flew out to see my parents, cuz my dad wasn’t doing very well. He recently suffered a liver failure and was admitted to the hospital. When we got to the hospital there was no parking and since it felt like an emergency to us, we just left the rental car upfront.

After seeing my family and calming down a little, we heard an announcement over the loudspeaker about a car that’s about to get towed. We’ve been inside for no longer than 20 minutes and were told that the staff has already called the towing company to get our car outta there. We later ended up borrowing my cousin’s car and driving over to their office.

As much crap as the police has given us at the hospital about emergency vehicles and safe/considerate parking… We were thinking that our situation is in the dumpster an we’d better start climbing out of it, it turns out it wasn’t bad at all…

The police had to leave on emergency and we were told that the company that towed our vehicle will fine us and charge for the job, so what do you know? We get over there and the owner is friends with my brother Jack. He simply handed over the keys and told us not to worry about the charges. I though that it was a very kind move, especially coming from a towing guy (because they just don’t have the best reputation around in terms of customer service and kindness in general) so I offered him a hundred bucks for his struggles… Guess what though… He wouldn’t take it! I was thoroughly impressed with his service and I didn’t even pay a dime, except for his dinner of course.

Yes, I couldn’t just leave without repaying him and ended up scheduling a dinner the next day. He brought his wife and we got to talk about things here and there. It turns out that he used to be a part of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club┬áback in the day before he opened his own towing company. He also told me that the state of Virginia, is very tough and strict about the driving & parking laws.

Apparently he had his tow truck towed once after the paid meter ran out of time.

All in all we got to know each other and now I have a new friend I can count on in Richmond. My father is doing better and is going back home in two days. Guess he’d better stop drinking so much.

Thank you for reading, guys.