4 Tips For New Bikers

I’m constantly being asked for some advice and tips for new bikers, so my goal in this post is to summarize what I tell every new person who asks me that.

Without further ado, here are 4 tips for every new biker:

1. Always choose a beast you can handle. Starting from the ground up, in order to be a biker, ones needs to purchase a motorcycle. You ain’t getting into a biker club if you ride a moped. That’s a fact! Whether you’re looking for a sports bike or a cruiser, you must consider your own weight and strength.

For example: a two hundred pound wrestler might buy a big old cruiser knowing that he’d have no issue handling the beast… On the flip-side, a hundred forty pound female motorcycle enthusiast will most likely get one of the smaller, lighter Harley’s that she can pick up in case it falls over. Which brings me to point number two… Continue reading 4 Tips For New Bikers